Процедура голосования по почте

Для организации голосования по почте используется статья 13.040 Регламента Ротари Интернэшнл (RI Bylaws). Вот как она звучит в оригинале:

13.040. Ballot-by-Mail Specifications.

The governor shall prepare one ballot for each club, giving the name of any candidate selected by the district nominating committee. The ballot shall then list in alphabetical order the names of any candidates received by the governor. Where there are more than two candidates, balloting shall be by the single transferable ballot system. The governor shall mail a copy of said ballot signed by all members of the balloting committee to each club with instructions that the completed ballot be returned to and received by the governor. The ballots shall be returned by a date fixed by the governor. Such date shall be no less than 15 days or more than 30 days following the date of the governor’s mailing of the ballots to the clubs.

13.040.1. Club Voting.

Each club shall be entitled to at least one vote. Any club with a membership of more than 25 shall be entitled to one additional vote for each additional 25, or major fraction thereof, of its members. Such membership shall be determined by the number of members in the club as of the date of the most recent semiannual payment preceding the date on which the vote is to be held. However, any club whose membership in RI has been suspended by the board shall not be entitled to participate in the voting. If a club is entitled to cast more than one vote, the club shall cast all votes for the same candidate. The name of the candidate for whom the club has cast its vote(s) shall be verified by the secretary and president of the club and forwarded to the governor in a sealed envelope provided therefor.

13.040.2. Balloting Committee.

The governor shall determine and announce the place, date, and time for counting of ballots and shall appoint a committee of three members to arrange a place and otherwise take charge of validating and counting the ballots. Validation of ballots shall be undertaken separately from the counting of the ballots. The committee shall make other arrangements to safeguard the secrecy of the ballots as necessary. Arrangements shall be made so that candidates or a representative of each of them may be present to observe the counting of the ballots. All sealed envelopes containing the ballots from each club shall be opened in the presence of the candidates or their representatives.

13.040.3. Majority or Tie Vote.

The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared governor-nominee for that district. If two candidates each receive 50 percent of the votes in an election and one of the candidates is the nominee of the nominating committee, the nominee of the nominating committee shall be declared the governor-nominee.

If neither of the candidates is the nominee of the nominating committee, the governor shall select one of the candidates as the governor-nominee.

13.040.4. Report of Balloting Committee.

The balloting committee shall promptly report the results of the ballot to the governor as soon as a candidate receives a majority vote. The report shall contain the number of the votes cast for each candidate. The governor shall promptly notify the candidates of the results of the ballot. The balloting committee shall retain all ballots cast for a period of 15 days following the governor’s notification to the candidates. Such ballots shall be open to inspection by a representative of any club during such period. The chairman of said committee shall destroy such ballots following the 15-day period.


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