Нужно ли было расформировывать округ?

Бывшие руководители округа 2225 усиленно распространяют мнение, что наш округ все равно был обречен, что мы не выросли и нас расформировали бы в любом случае.

Я нашел решение Совета директоров (board_minutes1501_en) от января 2015 года, которое говорит о том, что статус наших округов определен до 30 июня 2018 года.

145. Report on Additionally Supported Districts

An “additionally-supported” district is a temporary designation that allows the Board to create or maintain a district that does not meet the minimum number of clubs or members as required by the RI Bylaws. Rotary Code of Policies section 17.010.7. authorizes annual funding of up to US$200,000 to such districts for additional training, membership development, promotion of participation in The Rotary Foundation, and other appropriate support as determined by the general secretary in consultation with Minutes of the January 2015 RI Board of Directors Meeting 13 the director for that area and district leadership. The general secretary works with the leadership in these districts to assess their funding needs. The Board reviews the status of additionally-supported districts annually at its January meeting.

The Board
1. extends “additionally-supported” status and related funding in 2015–16 to District 1912 (Slovenia) and District 1913 (Croatia), noting the districts’ positive membership growth since the start of the pilot on 1 July 2012;
2. rescinds “additionally-supported” status and related funding in 2015–16 to Districts 2220 (Russia), 2225 (Russia), and 2484 (Greece);
3. reminds the districts noted in points 1 and 2 above of Board decision 91, January 2014, which granted an exemption to the districts from meeting the minimum membership requirements until 30 June 2018 and requested the districts to postpone the selection of their 2018–19 district governor;
4. requests the general secretary to develop effective assessment and measurement tools to support membership growth and determine resource needs in these districts.

Таким образом, ни нашему округу, ни округу 2220 не грозило расформирование в 2016 году и расформирован он был из-за сентябрьского письма Найданова на моё отстранение. Не было бы письма — округ продолжал бы развиваться.

Об этом — в следующих записях.